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designer / artist


Devon Pavlovits was born a year after her parents and sister escaped from Hungary to Los Angeles.  She grew up with the Hungarian language and customs at home while learning about American traditions and language in school.  

Devon's mother Gabriella Farkas is a fine-artist and illustrator, as well as an accomplished fiber artist with work in museums and galleries around the globe.  Her father is an interior architect, toy designer, and most recently an illustrator and sculptural wood lighting designer.  Devon collaborated with him and co-designed many of the pieces of wood and brass furniture and lighting under his company AA Studio Inc, and have more projects in the works.  Her brother, Mark, and sister, Petra, are both talented glass blowers. 

Because of growing up in a family of artists, Devon has always been surrounded by art and culture, learning about the importance of composition, balance of textures, proportion, and color. 


After originally attending college for a psychology major, she realized her true predilection for fashion and art was overwhelming.  She immediately transferred to OTIS College of Art and Design in the Fashion Design major, and then the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to immerse herself even deeper in the fashion trade.

She has studied art, fashion, and interior design.

She has been a stylist and costume designer for music videos, commercials, and film.

Through much of her twenties, she ran various Los Angeles boutiques for which she also was the buyer.


The Devon Pavlovits jewelry line has been carried in many wonderful stores around the globe (see list below), In the beginning, the line first had great success in numerous stores across Japan and New York, then in many more stores across the United States, Canada, and Europe.  After a brief hiatus, we are re-launching with an even more refined collection that is truly refreshing.

It’s a balanced mix of minimal and timeless jewelry that’s perfect for gifts or everyday wear, as well as some beautiful statement pieces that are surprisingly very versatile!

Mainly 14k Gold Filled, as well as pearls, semi-precious stones, and now we are incorporating sculptural glass components that are hand-blown for us by an artisan in Italy.  We are offering the glass in a range of 15 beautiful colors and finishes.  Clear, matte, opaque, high gloss, translucent (so luminous), in elegant muted, as well as some vibrant colors.   They are thin/hollow and lighter weight than they look, but still thick enough to be very sturdy.

The Devon Pavlovits jewelry line is 100% handmade in the Arts District of Los Angeles, as well as mostly locally sourced.



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